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Clinton to attack Benghazi

Respect and allegations

It was one of her last appearances as U.S. Secretary of State: In front of a Senate committee to put Hillary Clinton Questions deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. They got respect, but also heard allegations. Clinton defended himself passionately and fought back tears at the end.
Martin Ganslmeier, NDR Radio Studio Washington
The hearing in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations was marked by great personal respect for the senators for the services of the outgoing Secretary. On the merits, but threw primarily Republican senators, the U.S. government failures prior to the attack and cover-up in the first weeks after 11September before 2012. After nearly two hours hearing criticized Senator John McCain: "Your answers this morning have not satisfied me."
Hillary Clinton had previously taken full responsibility for the breakdown in their ministry in advance of the attack. The requirements of the attack killed Ambassador Chris Stevens for more security if they had not reached personally told Clinton, but were rejected by the diplomatic security officer at the State Department. "I these requirements have never seen I have accepted them nor I have they refused. "
Therefore, it was following the report of an independent inquiry immediately given staffing measures in their ministry. Four senior staff were relieved of their duties. In addition, they have made the security of diplomats in risk countries a top priority: "No one is more determined than I to learn from these events," Clinton promised.

Respect and allegations of Clinton

"I want the State Department and leave our country safer and stronger," Clinton said, referring to her imminent departure from office. Clinton promised to implement all 29 recommendations of the independent commission.
Republican senators praised Clinton for her dedication and openness in the processing of the attack Benghazi. Nevertheless, they also could not eliminate the impression that the U.S. government had the terrorist attack at first want to downplay as a spontaneous protest demonstration against anti-Muslim invective video. At this point, the otherwise calm and confident responding Secretary was furious: "Whether it was a protest or a targeted attack - what a difference it made at that time?"
Your people have done in the days following the attack everything possible to clarify the facts. Benghazi was not done in a vacuum. The upheavals in the Arab world had been thrown into turmoil and there were many in those days protests against the video.
Burnt U.S. consulate in Benghazi (Photo: Reuters)Enlarge ImageIn the attack on the consulate killed four U.S. diplomats.

Tears for the victims

Clinton fought back tears as she described how she had met the killing of U.S. Ambassador Stevens and another three U.S. citizens personally. As their coffins arrived in Washington, they have embraced their families.
After her appearance in the Senate, Clinton was also the House of Representatives to answer questions. On Thursday, they will return to the Capitol to present their chosen successor, John Kerry. On 31 January Hillary Clinton will probably complete their last day of work as secretary of state.
Then will the health still ailing former First Lady especially time spent with her husband, Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea. In their party but there is a high expectation that it takes up as a candidate for the presidential election 2016th


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